From Infinity To Infinity: Vol. 2

Flowing forth from Dijon Bowden’s first collection, From Infinity to Infinity, From Infinity to Infinity Vol. 2 continues this spiritual journey while offering up fresh images, concepts, and truths.

“With a full heart, I’ll share what’s been unlocked for me” we are told, and what is unlocked is space, breath, an insistence on finding our honest purpose in a slowed down present moment.

In 88 shining, new poems, Bowden harnesses these dynamic meditations infused with ancient and diverse wisdom.

Here we see the poet reaching for his roots in West Africa with the same ease with which he incorporates classic teachings from farther east, calling on “the ancient art of Kintsugi” to open up how we grow from our hardships. 

From Infinity to Infinity Vol. 2 weaves a holistic blending of traditions to truly serve our modern and globally connected world.

With memorable lines “like condensation on the outside / of a tall glass of lemonade,” we are shown how “mental patterns of sloth and doubt / are invited to slink away.”

From Infinity to Infinity Vol. 2 infuses the mind with the kind of calm clarity which animates us to live “in service to fly free and become whole.” These lines are blessings which work their way into the spirit and reward revisiting, a wonderful next step on this multi-volume journey!

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From Infinity To Infinity

Through lotus flowers, peach trees, honeybees, “radiant raspberry redwoods,” and more, this poetry volume directs our attention inward.

This collection shines far beyond its imagery and hums at a frequency that coaxes the mind open.

With poems that enchant as mantra and affirmations, this book is full of timeless truths from ancient meditative practices, wrought in modern and compelling verse. 

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Under Moroccan Skies

A visual poem


Dijon Bowden  is a multi-dimensional artist who believes in self-actualization as a means to inspire others to realize their own divinity. His meditation and yoga practice allow him to sustain a powerful connection to Source energy and channel visionary art.

Storytelling, music, poetry, photography, and filmmaking are vehicles he uses to share high vibrational healing energy.
Dharma Glow is a spiritual lifestyle brand that brings people together to expand their consciousness through playful immersive experiences. Dijon also serves a coach, mentor, and guide for souls desiring to deepen their connection with Source. 
SOULS of Society is a storytelling project that deepens compassion, empathy, and spiritual awareness in communities and has made millions of impressions online.
Indigo Keys is a musical project that produces cosmic soundscapes that are accompanied by cinematic visuals to create epic soulful experiences that speak to the human heart and soul.
Awakening Genius is a platform that exists to inspire the genius of visionary creatives all over the world, so they can bring their visions to life and we can build the New Earth.
From Infinity to Infinity is a multi-volume series of poetry that chronicles the changing seasons of his journey and provides reflections on the path to becoming a divine human.

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