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Radiant Rising Rituals Are The Foundation On Which You Can Build A Life Of Purpose.


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Hey, I'm Dijon

Peace & Love Family.

I’m here to help you love yourself more, connect with your intuition, and live a life that leaves a legacy of love. If you feel an energy within you that wants to be more fully expressed, you’re in the right place. 

Dharma Glow exists to make becoming the most authentic, radiant expression of you fun!

This is a critical time in human history and the world is inviting you to live from your heart and bravely contribute your gifts. When you start doing that, the external world will reflect and send back the love you are emanating.

I know because that has been my journey. 

In 2019, I overcame lifelong depression and suicidal ideations by utilizing yogic practices like meditation, yoga, kundalini, breahtwork, mantras, and creative expression. Now I live my purpose daily and wake up excited everyday to continue on my mission.

Whether you are looking for support to heal, discover what your unique gifts are, or deepen on your path, we’ve got tools and resources to help you realize your full potential.

Working with Dijon, I felt myself being a more conscious, enlightened being and creating a lifestyle that is in alignment with my core values. 

- Alysha

Dijon’s presence has a tangible quality to it that invites you to drop into your heart and open up to your higher wisdom and desires. 

- Julieann

Dijon has helped me rise to my power and potential both personally and creatively and has made a truly invaluable contribution to my life.

- Craig
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